Email: Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking, February 2014

DATE:   Friday, Feb 7, 2014
TO:     Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking, Cambridge University, England
FM:      Bruce Camber

My dear Prof. Dr. Hawking,

I would like to talk with you about base-2 exponential notation from the Planck Length to the Observable Universe.  First, however, you may be pleased to learn that we are exploring the possibilities of creating a Space Elevator to be located at the 30N/90W in East New Orleans.

We will also be recreating Thomas Edison’s first-in-the-world (1895) commercial movie theater on Canal Street about where it was located downtown. The 30/90 is about five miles away.  The theater will be a non-stop, 24/7, film extravaganza where science fiction meets science fact, and from where people will depart to go to the Base Station to board the Space Elevator to go up to one of many the International Research Space Stations (IRCC).  Once on the lift (Space Elevator) they will have had quite a ride, even experienced weightlessness for a short time.  There will be several layers of participation… even overnight guests!  Once on the IRCC they will be able to endlessly watch as they orbit the earth and use telescopes to search for inhabitable planets and plan for their space walks and more.

Of course, we are reviewing all things related to space-and-time, Sir Arthur’s quest for an elevator, and Sagan’s insights regarding the ETs of the universe.  So, your work with Sir Arthur and Carl Sagan, now many years ago, is priceless.

UTThis ride into space will be profoundly educational. These very special simulated environments will have non-stop educational moments. NASA and the National Science Foundation will be guiding much of its development.

However, I am pushing to introduce base-2 exponential notation from the Planck Length to the Observable Universe where the entire universe is seen within the 202.34 notations (layers, doubling, or steps – NASA’s calculation for us) to about 205.11 (JP Luminet’s calculations for us).  Those calculations provides an ordered set within a very granular environment, but so much more.  The first 65 notations are being filled using cellular automaton.  We are attempting to engage Stephen Wolfram (inventor of Mathematica)  to help guide us given Benoit Mandelbrot is no longer available. At notation 65 the fermions and protons begin to emerge.

Why has the academic community ignored the simple expansion of the Planck Length using base-2?

I was a personal friend of Phil and Phylis Morrison when Powers of Ten came out.  That took a high school teacher (Kees Boeke) to lead the way.  It seems to me that even Max Planck could have stopped long enough to make some modest speculations about a base-2 progression back in 1901.  We need to pull in Alfred North Whitehead’s point-free geometries and I think we may have the basis to create a new scientific platform whereby space increasingly becomes derivative of geometry and time derivative of number.  Perhaps someday we can go into the Einstein-Rosen tunnel and begin to calculate when-where-and-how to exit!  Well, maybe.  That’s where we need your advice down the road.

So, after all this verbosity, my question is simple, “Why not use base-2 notation from the Planck Length to the Observable Universe as a simple ordering tool?”  Thanks.



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