Tour #2: Step 2. The Universe Is Simple.

From the Planck Length to the Observable Universe

From the Planck Length to the Observable Universe

How simple is it? Multiplying by 2. Mathematically, that’s elementary. The result, somewhere over 200 base-2 notations from the smallest to the largest measurements of a length, is a simple view of the universe. The diameter of the human egg is at notation 103. The human sperm is a bit smaller within notation 100. From conception to birth, life begins within the mid-range of the universe; it seems sweetly logical and simple. The Big Board and Universe Table also seem like a reasonable, efficient and simple way to order all the information in the universe.

Divide by three. That results in two additional key notations that define the beginning and end of the Human Scale, the mid-range of this known universe.

The Transition between the Small Scale and Human Scale. This simple view gives two more areas to study the order of the universe. Besides the explosion of life in the mid-range, there is quantum tunneling for the explosion of particles and atoms in the transition from the small scale to the human scale (notations 66 to 69).

The Transition between the Human Scale and Large Scale Is Speculative.     Although scientists have been writing about Einstein-Rosen bridges and tunnels, since the 1920s, nobody has actually seen one. Today we know them as wormholes.

Wormholes. Nobody has made a prediction as to where these tunnels are located. With the simple view of the Big Board – little universe, one could make a projection that these wormholes are located between 136 (874 miles above earth) and 138 (3496 miles above earth), the transition from the human scale to the large scale universe.

First use of the word, wormhole: “…topologists would call (it) “a handle” of the multiply-connected space, and what physicists might perhaps be excused for more vividly terming a wormhole.” — John Wheeler in Annals of Physics, 1959

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Notes about Look-and-feel and Navigation: If any of the letters from right column, the Archives and Meta are bleeding through the image of the Universe Table, please open your window larger (possibly to full screen). Usually if you click on the last sentence in each description you will go to the next page.

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